Water: top! Steps: just hopp. Just next to it and yet fully motivated - my Recap the Gerolsteiner Water Week.

Contains ads for more mineral water in our lives and for exercise.

Contains ads for more mineral water in our lives. And for exercise.

S o, the project Water Week is done! We remember: Gerolsteiner had called again this year the Trinkchallenge: For a week, it was about every day to drink 2.5 liters of mineral water and herbal tea and so provide the body with sufficient fluid and natural minerals. So no sugary softs, no alcohol, no cofeeinhaltigen coffee or tea. Only water. I wanted to use this special week and in addition to do something for my movement - I had set myself 15,000 steps every day. Here you can read how it looked like before I started. And now hand on heart: How did I look back with the Challenge and did I achieve everything I wanted?

Unfortunately, I do not have a photo for me ...

To be honest, no, I do not have a photo for me today. Or maybe a 2/3 photo. In my "water level message" halfway there had already been a tiny little bit of signs:

The water is running really well with me. Because of my first participation at the Gerolsteiner Wasserwoche a few years ago, I noticed the positive effects hammerhart: less cravings between meals, better sleep through, less headache and a small loss of weight. That motivated me enormously to take the water routine into my everyday life and to continuously develop my water consumption.

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Good news: Over time, a special routine becomes like normalizing by the way

That's why it was in for me Although this year, a hurdle to my beloved morning black tea (nice strong and dark!) To renounce. And also the evening balcony sitting wine spritzer I have definitely missed in one place or another hard (the weather was so wonderful!). But otherwise everything was fine with the water: 2.5 liters a day were pretty fluent in the Frollein pure. And noticeably easier, as in the last Trinkchallenge. We were not able to carry the returnable bottles to the vending machine as quickly as they were getting empty (by the way, Gerolsteiner also offers all types of mineral water in glass bottles in the classic path box). The herbal tea packs now occupy much less shelf space than before. It really pays off to develop a small, special routine, because over time it becomes normal as a side effect. My conclusion: A week of "drinking training camp" is a great thing, which sets new impulses for everyday life "afterwards" - I would do it again anytime!

 Proejkt Water Week | GourmetGuerilla.com  Proejkt Water Week | GourmetGuerilla.com

Life happens while we're making plans.

Let's move on to my personal little extra task. Actually, you can summarize the matter quite well with this poetry book: Life happens while we make plans. Meaning: I have not reached my week-step goal. Darn! And that happened:

Monday I spent more than half the day sitting at airports and on the plane. Regrettably, I did not take that into account when planning my plan. Tuesday it was (so me) already much better.Already I played with omnipotence fantasies, my weekly goal of 100,000 steps still to exceed, I hot things. YAY! Then came the Thursday. And I had bodies. Instead of enjoying the nice weather outside with lots of exercise, I lay on the couch unable to move with a hot water bottle and a certain amount of monthly infirmity. That's when I stayed half a friday. My last great hopes hung on the weekend. The child had been invited by his buddy to a birthday party at the gates of Hamburg with two nights. Free course so for the man and me to take wonderful long walks through the most beautiful city in the world and bring the step account to rattle! Friday afternoon, the birthday was then canceled due to illness at short notice. And the Frollein/man program was a family weekend with teenage bespaßung and manageable step quantity. Well - you can not do anything. Do not plug in.

Small stages instead of shotguns in the grain

I've been annoyed for a short time. Short. Because if I have learned something in terms of "better everyday routines", then that is: It does not depend on the big end goal and "hopp or top" - the individual small stages are important. Before you want to throw the shotgun completely overburdened, set yourself halfway feasible goals. Try it either with a time limit (the project Water Week 2019 is coming!) Or with a smaller daily target. You can not make two or 2.5 liters of water a day? Then just drink a liter. Do you hate gyms and do not like jogging through parks? Then put on comfortable sneakers and walk every day on a small everyday route on foot - to the bakery, to the supermarket or around the block during the lunch break. You'll see how quickly and automatically your running capacity, as well as your movement account, improves and positive changes occur. Every step and every glass counts.

Let yourself be motivated by yourself.

So that the whole thing does not just remain in the vaguely felt area and also tracks small progress I recommend an app or fitness bracelet. The regular automatic tracking and evaluation of movement as well as the recording of water consumption and sleep quality give you a comprehensive overview of your long-term behavior. Even with small changes in everyday life, so long-term positive trends, which you can look at chic curves. Your small stages will be rewarded and you will be motivated to stay on the ball. I love my bracelet very much.

Well, tell enough.

What do we want to do in the future? Drink more water. Integrate more exercise into everyday life. Cook more fresh, delicious food. can we do this? YAY - that will be great!

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